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14 mayo, 2006

CIDOC 2006 - Gothenburg, Suecia

Acerca de CIDOC.
"The Conference of the International Committee for Documentation" es un comité que forma parte del International Council of Museums (ICOM), con más de 950 miembros representando a 90 países. Se dedica a la documentación de las colecciones de museos. Está conformado por curadores, bibliotecarios y especialistas de la información interesados en la documentación, registro y administración de las colecciones así como su automatización.

La reunión de este año se celebrará en Gothenburg, Suecia del 10 al 14 de septiembre del 2006.
La conferencia se enfocará en aquellos colegas dedicados a la documentación en las áreas de Historia y Ciencias Naturales, Arte y Paisajes, entre otros. También revisará los esfuerzos colaborativos y sociedades dedicados a la colaboración con otros en el área de sistemas de archivo y bibliotecas.
Los sistemas digitales pueden ser usuarios de la documentación digitalizada, los científicos en las disciplinas fuera del sector patrimonial e incluso los "laicos" podrán agregar sus perspectivas sobre el contenido museológico. ¿Para quién es importante la herramienta que ofrece la estandarización en los contenidos de museos?

Los talleres serán llevados a cabo el domingo, las sesiones serán del lunes al miércoles y una sesión de conferencia durante un tour de autobús el jueves. Además habrá participación general en una sesión de posters, un rincón para conferencistas y un café llamado "bird of a feather".
Habrá espacios especiales para contactos y lugares diversos de encuentros. Considérese el programa sujeto a cambios.

Talleres estilo tutorial.
1. CIDOC CRM - Conceptual Reference Model. The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model is into the finishing process to become an internationally known standard. Martin Doerr and Steven Stead from the CRM special interest group will introduce and dig deep into the complex model.
2. TEI – Text encoding initiative. Richard Light, CIDOC will explain the standard used in marking up traditional text in different context and which is also usable to structure information in a broader sense.
3. CCO – Cataloguing Cultural Objects. This initiative, managed by the Getty Reserarch Intitute is interesting to take into consideration in organising knowledge about museum objects with a focus on art and architecture. Murtha Baca, Head of Getty Vocabulary Program and Digital Resource Management introduces the CCO.

Sesión de apertura
Opening of the CIDOC 06 Conference. Creating connections - People, places, past and present. Dineke Stam, Intercultural museum and heritage projects, Amsterdam, Holland

Plenary session 1. Introducing....
* CIDOC today and in the future. Christian-Emil Ore, President, CIDOC.
* Digitisation and documentation in Sweden. Hans Rengman, META.
* CIDOC Working Groups.

Plenary session 2. Strategical issues in documentation within the heritage area.
* Ifigenia Dionissiadou. Manipulating information, producing data.

* Börje Justrell. Digital Preservation – Challenges and Opportunities.
* Nick Poole. MDA and spectrum.

Plenary session 3. Mixed thema. A group of papers making a section of the following parallel sessions.
* Junko Iwabuchi. Taking a museum experience to your real world---exploring a new usage of museum audio/visual guide in children's hospital, retirement homes and more.
* Martin Doerr. Modelling Intellectual Processes: The FRBR - CRM Harmonization
* Andrew Roberts. User experience in applying collections information.
* Svetlana Smirnova. Creation of Information Space as the Topical Question for the Museums in Modern Russia.

Expert panel discussions. Panels of international experts set up to discuss and picking up delegates questions. Students from Museion and other universities are participating. Open audience.

Parallel session 1A. Representation and museology in documentation.
Parallel session 1B. Technique and new tools for museums.
Parallel session 1C
. Culture / nature - new demands.

Parallel session 2A. Digital preservation.
* Anelie Edman & Fredrik Bengtsson & Thomas Wikman. A method for knowledge management within museums.

* Lev Noll & Ludmila Morozkina. Real and Virtual Art in Pushkinskiy - Digital imagery and presentation of cultural heritage of museums
* Regine Scheffel & Rudolf Schäfer. Preservation – digitisation – documentation considering standards and sustainability– the challenge of Fototeka Marubi (Shkodra, Albania).

Parallel session 2B. Technique.
* Nick Rossiter & Ali Elbekai. A Prototype Implementation of a Framework for Organising Virtual Exhibitions over the Web.

* Paolo Bonora & Charlotte Ossicini & Giuseppe Raffa. From relational metadata standards to CRM ontology: a case study in performing arts.
* Øyvind Eide & Jon Holmen. Reading Gray Literature as Texts. Semantic Mark-up of Museum Acquisition.
* Richard Light. Topic Maps and MLA Information Resources.

Parallel session 2C. Museums, Libraries and Archives.
* Maja Sojat-Bikic. From Object-Centric towards Contents-Oriented Museum Multimedia Product Using ALM Sources.

*Jelena Balog. The impacts of ALM seminars on the changes in the work of the Croatian History Museum
* Bengt Wittgren. MLA and museum documentation
* Jörn Sieglerschnmidt. BAM project
* Kate Parson. ABM-centrum - digitisation in Sweden. Currrent activities and future plans
* Sirkka Valanto. Digitisation in Finland.

Parallel session 3A. Pedagogic and education.
* Fredrik Bengtsson & Annelie Edman. Museum context in a pedagogical environment

* Regine Scheffel. Fit for future? What do we need to teach?

Parallel session 3B. Technique (CRM)
* Dan Matei. Can We Make the Simple Easy AND the Complex Possible ? - a Schema Based on CRM and FRBR.
* Christian/Emil Ore & Jon Holmen & Ellen Jordal et al. Testing CIDOC CRM compliant data in different implementations, a Swedish-Norwegian reunion.
* Siegfried Krause & Karl-Heinz Lampe. What is the CIDOC-CRM or how to avoid misunderstandings.
* Jan Svensson & Annelie Edman & Fredrik Bengtsson. Modelling museum context in CIDOC CRM using relational databases.

Parallel session 4A. Content and Users.
* Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu. Digital Cultural Heritage Documentation. The showcase for the public.

* Jyue Tyan Low & Teh Eng Eng. Good-bye Jargons! An On-Line Collections Resource Project for the Public.
* Olga A. Polyakova. Information technologies of the project of new museum exposition “Periods of the history of Kolomenskoye"
* Monica Hagedorn-Saupe & Axel Ermert. MICHAEL.

Parallel session 4B. Intangible heritage and Illicit traffic.
* Kurt Nyberg. Conceptual Models and Tacit Knowledge of Craftsmanship
* Roya Tagihyeva. Intangible heritage: a new look at the museum work
* Katri Hirvonen-Nurmi. Multicultural Documenting of Brazilian religious material.
* Adriana Muñoz. Behind collecting, between morality and law in the history of collecting at the Museum of World Culture.

Parallel session 4C. Projects presentation.
* Jef Maillet., integrated cultural heritage information.
* Susan Matland & Espen Uleberg. Coming around the mountain; A Norwegian tunnel.
* Iuliana Ciotoiu. Ethnology on-line, new experience in digitized museum documentation.
* Vincent de Keijzer. Living with pollution : overcoming hosophobia in documentation.

Parallel session 5A. Birds of a feather café.
Gather around the café tables to discuss questions suggested by the participants.

Parallel session 5B. Poster exhibition.
A possibility to present Your project, idea or research field or other small format poster presentation.

Parallel session 5C. Upcoming things.
“Should have written a paper…” Still a chance to participate!

Parallel session 6A. Content and Users.
* Karen Slej & Lin Zhang-Freund & Anne Murray & Jan Amnehäll. Making one out of four? - Merging database content.
* Emmanuel Desveaux. Towards a common catalog for non-european ethnographical collections of european museums.
* Karl-Heinz Lampe. Mapping of Knowledge in Natural History Museums
* Mikica Mastrovic. Differences in the subject analysis of digitised visual works (drawings, prints and posters) and their originals.

Parallel session 6B. Conservation.
* Victoria Nicole McGuinness. Conservation and Curation Project for The Stratigraphical Museum at Knossos in Crete.
* Giancarlo Buzzanca. Documentation for non dogmatic restorer: user friendly standards and layering techniques for condition reports.

Parallel session 6C. Database battle.
Three major Swedish CMS databases are analyzed and discussed in the perspective of Knowledge Organisation, and information science.
Chair: Tor Henriksen, Oslo

Plenary session 5. Presentation from working groups.
Presentation of highlights from the café, posters and other informal meetings

Plenary session 6. Annual General Meeting.

Closing of the conference - Mölndals museum.
Visit to Mölndals museum some km south of VKM – Open collections, digital guides in industry landscape based on thorough collection documentation.

Excursion. VItlycke World heritage and Bohuslän
A bus tour in Bohuslän countryside, taking us to the Vitlycke World Heritage site in Tanum to look at the impressive bronze age rock carvings. On the way there we stop at some other sites as well.

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Comité organizador:
Anne Murray
Bengt Wittgren
Hans Rengman

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